Meet the captivating soul singer and songwriter Rislane and The Lovers who played more than 1000 live shows. A Swiss-Moroccan sensation whose powerful and sultry vocals strike a chord deep within your soul. The independent artist has been around for 20 years, carving a path that’s uniquely her own.

Her artistic voyage is a testament to hard work, passion, and unwavering determination resembling a marathon. Rislane sang in high school bands, performed on cruise ships, busked for a living and interpreted French chansons, directed her own music videos, toured with rock bands and starred in an award winning tribute. She wrote songs, crafted poems, saved money – and she recorded an album with the potential to captivate people around the world – “Newland”. 

In her album “Newland“, which features ten heartfelt and personal songs exploring themes of love and life, the North African-European artist seamlessly blends rock and soul, showcasing the depth of her dedication to music. Her exceptional talent has earned her a prestigious Hollywood Independent Music Award in the category Independent Album of the Year, a confirmation of her rising star that will continue to shine brightly.

She is currently touring with a rearranged version of her album “Newland” featuring a classical Jazz trio consisting of upright bass, piano and drums. Taking you on an intimate musical journey through her songs and timeless covers. 

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