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Singing has always been the most beautiful and natural thing in the world for Rislane. But also more than that: It is her calling.

“Music has given me the opportunity to meet people who have enriched my life and to see places I would otherwise hardly have traveled to.” 

The Swiss singer with Moroccan roots is considered an exceptional talent for good reason. Her voice is powerful and warm, binding and close. And it expresses desire. The desire to find an echo in the audience and, together with them, to ignite a chorus that connects people from all over the world.

Rislane’s musical career began in school bands, took her on cruise ships, to alternative rock bands, to award-winning tributes at Theater Rigiblick. And now the hardworking singer has finally recorded her own album, which has the potential to inspire people far beyond Switzerland’s borders.

NEWLAND tells the story of the search for love and the meaning of life. With this album Rislane has fulfilled a long-cherished dream. Recorded at the legendary Powerplay Studios, with producers Cyrill Camenzind and Massimo Buonanno at the controls, the artist boldly blends influences from soul, pop and rock from different decades, breaking new ground. The result is an album that cannot easily be put in a box.

The centerpiece of the album is the song MOROCCAN HEART. Written in Rislane’s second home country of Morocco, it marks the beginning of a great journey to his own roots and far beyond. “One morning the wind and the sea whispered a song in my ear” tells Rislane, who flew in percussionist and ribab player Moulay Brahim Amsguine especially for the studio recordings. The musician, who is well-known in Morocco, had once played music with her grandfather, so a very special relationship was born.

Rislane’s passion and heart and soul are in every single song on the album.

— Love out.

Rislane is accompanied by her top-class band consisting of

  • Andy Tolman – Bass (UK)
  • Andy Robertson – Drums (UK)
  • Daniel Zihlmann – Piano, Organ (CH)
  • Lukas Sudewa – Guitars (CH)
  • Carlo Menet – Guitars (CH)
  • Dave Blaser – Trumpet, Flugelhorn (CH)
  • Chris Käufeler – Sax (CH)
  • Valerio Lepori – Trombone (CH)
  • Neal Sugarmann – Saxophones (USA)
  • Leo Wildi –  Audio Engineer, Mixing (CH)

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